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3 Tips For Buying Your First Mattress For Your New BTO Flat

  • Nov 06, 2019

Nothing says adulting like buying a new flat for the first time. Whether you’re a
single and 35, or happily engaged and ready for married life, building your nest
is the next step. So, it’s important to get things right from the start. Buying a
new mattress for the first time can be more than a bit overwhelming. How do
you possibly find the perfect mattress when there are so many choices,
materials, and brands?

1) Consider your sleep position

Do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach? Your preferred sleep position should
inform your decision.
Back sleepers do best on a medium-firm mattress as this will provide the right
amount of comfort and support for your spine. Side sleepers should choose a
slightly softer mattress that cushions their hips and shoulders, while stomach
sleepers will get the most support out of a firm mattress.


2) Research mattress materials

Do you like the feeling of sinking in or floating on top? The right type of mattress for
you will depend on your answer to that question.
Innerspring mattresses suit a wide range of sleep styles and feel bouncy. Their
springiness makes it easy to get in and out of bed—and they’re also thought of as
the best type of mattress to get busy on. Memory foam mattresses, meanwhile,
conform to your body so you feel like you’re sinking in. They’re great at relieving joint
pain, providing spinal support, and minimizing motion transfer.” Latex
mattresses offer a good in-between, providing soft support without the feeling of
being trapped. (People often describe the feeling of lying on a latex mattress as
“floating” on top of the mattress.)
Four Star Chiro Series that brings you the most advanced technology gives optimum support,
improve stability and ultra-premium luxury at a value price.
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3) Decide what size mattress is right for you

First, measure where you will place your bed.  You don’t want to order a mattress
only to find out it doesn’t fit in your bedroom. So measure first, then order.
Average measurements:
Single 91cm x 190cm
Super Single 107cm x 190cm
Queen 152cm x 190cm
King 182cm x 190cm
Super King 200cm x 200cm
Second, measure hallways and doorways your mattress must pass through on the
way to your flat/apartment. Most importantly, make sure that your mattress is
returnable, if it is not what you expected.
All Four Star Mattresses come with up to 15 Year Warranty!

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