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3 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home This Chinese New Year

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It’s already 2021, the start of the new year! And that means Chinese New Year is also around the corner where most homeowners would be busy getting ready for some decluttering and spring cleaning tasks. While it is a common tradition in Chinese culture to spring clean and ‘sweep away the bad luck to usher in the good fortune’, it is also important to maintain a clean home you can benefit from good health, mentally and physically.

Get your house ready in time to welcome your family and friends to celebrate this auspicious day! Here’s our quick tips on how to get started on your spring cleaning tasks and freshen up your home.

1. Create a cleaning schedule

It is impossible to leave all your cleaning tasks in one day – you might not get the job done effectively, and you will quickly tire yourself out. Depending on whether it’s a weekly or daily schedule, set a few hours each day for every section of the house. You can also assign specific tasks to specific days so you can rest or run other errands.

Start with the highly used areas of the house, like your bathrooms and living room, and determine the list of chores for greater efficiency. Tasks like vacuuming carpets, changing bed sheets, and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets can also be shared among family members so everyone can do their part for a cleaner home. With a schedule, everything will be mapped out for you to get started and you waste less time figuring out what to do.

2. Check what you can fix, dispose or donate

Spring cleaning is not just about picking up a broom and a mop! This is a good time for you to get that leaky pipe fixed, or that faulty door lock repaired. If you no longer have use for items that are still in good condition, donating them to a non-profit or charity organisation would seem like the right thing to do. For items that can’t be restored to its working condition, consider disposing them so you can free up some space and welcome in the new.

Most homeowners also look forward to this festive period to replace their old furniture and beds, and freshen up their living and resting areas. Check whether your sofa has started to sag to the point of not supporting you, or your mattress is reaching the end of its natural lifespan and affecting your sleep quality.

Aged mattresses not only creak and cause discomfort to your body, they are also likely to be filled with dust mites and other allergens that cause a host of health issues – from sneezing and coughing to itchiness. Protect your health and boost your sleep quality with a change of mattress. Tuck in for a good night’s sleep in our new DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress. Featuring innovative Advanze Aire Flex™ technology, this gel infused memory foam mattress is fitted with our renowned DETENSE ArcticSilk® fabric to reduce motion transfer and accumulated static stress from your body for a deeper sleep. Apart from being anti-microbial and anti-allergy, you can also benefit from its multi-dimensional support and breathable material for cooler and comfortable rest.

3. Clear and store away the clutter

Spring cleaning is a good time to start clearing away the clutter, check for any expired items and organise your belongings so you can always enjoy a home that is consistently tidy. If you’ve decided to keep some items after a good purging session, ensure you can store them in a place that would be out of sight and cause no obstruction. Create a culture of good storage habits in the living room, kitchen and especially your bedroom – your private sanctuary where you relax and unwind after a long tiring day.

Apart from using cupboards and shelves, a good location to store your items would be underneath your bed. This is a useful and practical method of storage, especially if you are struggling with space constraints. Look for a storage bed to keep your things dust-free and hidden; anything from bulky luggage, seasonal clothing to clean bed sheets and blankets. They can come with drawers or hydraulic lifting mechanisms – both will help to conceal your clutter and improve the room’s appearance for a cleaner and more spacious look. And the best thing is, they take up existing space under your bed rather than use additional spaces you might not have.

At Four Star, you can also pick out your own storage bed with customisable storage compartments and fabric options to pair with your choice of mattress. Our headboards and bed frames are available in various designs so you can decide based on your preferred bedroom aesthetics and elevate your storage function with style.


Celebrate the prosperous Year of the Ox with pomp and fervour in a clean and tidy home! With a well-planned schedule and good intentions, you can take on and conquer this cleaning quest.

As the saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new”. Changing your old mattress can signify paving the way for fresh beginnings and a good start to the new year ahead. With increased comfort and support for your body, you can feel more well-rested and enjoy deeper sleep to start your day energised! You won’t go wrong with the range of Four Star mattresses that promote better posture during sleep, adapt to your body and regulate overall mattress temperature for cooler nights.

Head down to Four Star stores today and try first-hand on the luxurious feel and experience of our DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress as well as other bedding products. For fuss-free shopping, check out our website to buy a mattress online and get your home CNY-ready!


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