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3 Reasons To Gift Your Mom A New Mattress This Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time than now to express your love and appreciation with a special gift of comfort! While they’ve been busy running the household day after day and taking care of our needs, comfortable and restful sleep might have evaded them every night.

As a special thank you to them, spoil your mom and show extra gratitude with a restful sleep. The luxury of having a well-rested night will certainly put a smile on her face. Plus, it will show how much you care for her health and well-being.

Here are 3 reasons why a brand new mattress is a perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

1. Comfort and pain alleviation

The right mattress doesn’t simply provide essential comfort and rest, but it can also offer support to pain alleviation in joints, back, hips and necks. If you find that your mom may be seeking to relieve from any of such physical pains, a chiropedic mattress can offer the right comfort and pain alleviation she seeks.

Four Star’s supreme Chiro series provides the ideal mattress for lower back pain, giving your mom ample support to pain areas where she needs it the most. Doing household chores and maintaining the upkeep of the house can be physically straining on her. This mattress can alleviate her pains and prevent them from acting up at night, and ensure that she can rest uninterrupted with comfortable sleep.

2. Feeling the warmth

Does your mom complains of the heat when she sleeps at night? Her mattress could be blamed for the uptick in temperature. If you mom is voicing out her discomfort while sleeping during warmer nights, then a cooling mattress could be just what she needs. Not only will it prevent the issue of sleeping hot, your mom will also appreciate better comfort when she wakes up fresh and energised.

Four Star’s Detense ArcticSilk series can provide your mom with essential cooling, on top of the core features of a comfortable mattress. With premium knitted ticking and gel infused memory foam material, your mom can receive optimum weight support and sleep cooler without sweating in the middle of the night.

3. Ensure better sleep posture

If her mattress is sagging or she’s experiencing discomfort when sleeping at night, there is a high certainty she might also be facing sleep interruptions or having trouble sleeping at night. The right mattress can provide better firmness and support to pain areas, but can also offer your mom a better sleep posture so she won’t wake up with health issues like neck pain, fatigue, cramps and headaches.

Four Star’s Luxury series is both comfortable and affordable, making it the ideal mattress for your mom when it comes to providing back support and minimal sleep disturbance. Featuring memory foam cushion and individual pocketed spring, this luxurious mattress reduces pressure points and improves air flow with its breathable fabric, allowing for better sleep at night.


The perfect Mother’s Day gift exists, and it is one that can help your mom enjoy optimal and uninterrupted rest. Complete the surprise of a new king size memory foam mattress for her with other bedroom essentials, such as an elegant set of pyjamas, fragrance diffuser, and a storage bed frame – so she can have a relaxing and comforting private sanctuary to unwind at home.

As we grow older, it is up to us to do our part and offer her the best comfort that we can. While foods, flowers and clothing mean well, the perfect Mother’s Day gift is one that provides essential support and comfort so that she can receive the rest that she requires. Show your love this Mother’s Day with Four Star Mattress!


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