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3 Effective Tips To Help You Deal With A Snoring Spouse

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Have you ever fallen asleep at your desk or felt yourself nodding off during meetings? Or perhaps, is drinking your weight in coffee still insufficient in tiding you through the day? While there are various reasons that contribute to a lack of sleep, one common phenomenon that keeps sleep-deprived individuals up at night is their partner’s intrusive snoring.

Suffering from daily interrupted sleep due to your spouse’s turbulent breathing can cause a host of health concerns to occur in the long run. Thus, before you brush off their snoring as a mere nuisance, it is paramount to seek effective solutions in attaining a good night’s rest. By doing so, not only will your overall well-being be improved, but your energy levels are also significantly boosted.

Between encouraging your partner to change sleeping positions and purchasing a suitable bed from a mattress shop in Singapore that provides adequate body support, there are multiple practical ways you can counter their nightly snoring. Let us share how you can achieve quality sleep even with a disruptive spouse.

1. Fall asleep to white noise

One effective solution you can adopt to mask the sounds of your partner’s loud snoring is by falling asleep to white noise played on either a bedside white noise machine or a pair of noise-cancelling earpieces. Studies have proven that individuals who tune in to white noise before bed benefit from reduced sleep onset. They even require a shorter duration to fall asleep!

Hence, for patients with sleeping disorders, white noise machines are often recommended. The sounds produced are incredibly relaxing thanks to its composition of different audible frequencies playing at equal intensities. Most people also enjoy falling asleep to the soothing hum of white noise.

Furthermore, since white noise introduces consistent frequencies that lulls you to sleep, it blankets any disruptive sounds occurring in the background. This means that even with your spouse’s harsh breathing echoing throughout the room, you will not be able to hear a single peep, thereby achieving uninterrupted sleep.

2. Urge your partner to change sleeping positions

Snoring occurs when the tissue along your spouse’s nasal passage vibrate from inconsistent airflow during breathing while asleep. When compounded with nasal congestions, their snoring can quickly worsen and result in harsh gasps or snorts. As a sleeping companion, these jarring noises may pose a disturbance and lead to a night of inadequate rest.

However, a change in sleeping position can make a world of difference in preventing your partner from snoring throughout the night. For example, if they are sleeping on their back, they are undoubtedly predisposed to snoring. This is because their neck and chest weight is straining their nasal passage, pushing the tissues along their airway into the throat. Thus, there is airflow blockage, and snoring will occur.

Conversely, encouraging your spouse to sleep on their side wards off snoring. In fact, research has shown that resting your side while asleep is the best position to prevent snoring, as it reduces the compression of your airway.

3. Purchase a new bed that provides adequate body support

Sleeping on a quality mattress ensures you and your spouse achieve a comfortable night of sleep. If your partner is snoring every night, it may be a sign that your current bed is not providing the adequate body support they require for a restful sleep.

For instance, if you and your partner are resting on a poor sleeping surface, such as a polyurethane mattress that sinks underneath both of your weight, your partner’s joints and spine may be misaligned while they slumber throughout the night. In some cases, their airway can also be blocked, causing snoring.

In such a scenario, you might want to consider purchasing a premium latex mattress as a solution to your spouse’s snoring problem. For starters, a latex mattress boasts a firm sleeping surface that promotes proper spinal alignment and equal pressure distribution. This allows your partner to maintain a good body posture while asleep.

Moreover, its organic latex material is wonderful in contouring your entire body and supporting the natural curvature of your spine. Hence, with the proper body support that comes with a latex mattress, you can ward off snoring and prevent aches and pains simultaneously.

Mattress Shop, Mattress Shop Singapore

At Four Star, our DETENSE | ArticSilk® Advanze Air Flex mattresses are constructed with natural latex that supports the curvature of your spine. With good spinal support, your partner’s and your blood circulation increase, thus promoting pain relief. Additionally, our mattresses are eco-friendly and anti-microbial, which prevent the growth of allergens that trigger snoring. You can also pair our superb mattresses with our customised array of storage bed frames. They feature an advanced German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to lift your bed with ease to store your daily necessities.


If you are struggling to attain quality sleep beside a snoring spouse, then these life-changing tips may do the trick in helping you achieve a good night’s rest. It is imperative that you never compromise on your rest, for practising good sleeping habits can result in a happier, healthier you.

So if your mind is made up, and you wish to purchase a new latex mattress to address your spouse’s snoring issue, head on over to our Four Star showroom to browse our catalogue first-hand! With an extensive selection of mattresses and fine bedding accessories, you are bound to find something that caters to your every sleeping need.


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