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3 Easy Methods To Help Better Maintain Your Storage Bed

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Having a soft and comfy bed to sleep on that also doubles as storage space is excellent, especially if you lack space in your room to add shelves or drawers to store your belongings. You can choose from many kinds, like a storage bed frame frame ith side drawers or even one with a hydraulic lift system.

Whichever type of storage bed you choose, they all have one thing in common – they should always be kept clean. Bed frames can collect dust and other dirt over time, especially if you have rarely taken the time to wipe them down. Storage beds may take a little extra effort to clean because of their additional compartments.

However, it doesn’t take fancy cleaning products to help maintain them well. Let us share a few easy ways to keep your storage bed in good shape.

1. Wipe down the outer bed frame regularly

You should get rid of any built-up dust on your bed frame, for starters. Try not to stop at the visible parts of your bed frame as the bulk of where the dust bunnies and dirt are is usually at areas like the back of your bed frame or the headboard. Eliminate as much dust as you can as these particles of dirt can easily irritate your nose, make your skin and eyes itch, and disrupt your quality of sleep.

Simply use a sponge or a good quality microfibre cloth with water to clean your storage bed’s frame. Ensure that your sponge or cloth is damp and not soaking wet, or else you may risk mould or mildew growing on your mattress. Wipe your bed frame thoroughly and rinse whatever you use to clean between wipes. Additionally, you can mix a smaller amount of white vinegar as a natural sanitiser.

Removing dust from where you sleep can make you feel more comfortable in bed without feeling like sneezing every few seconds, which is also beneficial if you have asthma. This method can be good practice and is something that you can easily incorporate into your cleaning routine every week.

2. Keep inner storage clean and organised

Like how you should clean your outer bed frame, you should also take the extra step to clean the inner storage compartments. Cleaning the panels with a cloth, warm water, and gentle liquid soap is all you will need for this method.

Ventilation is key to avoiding bacteria or allergen growth when cleaning your bed frames. You should also wipe gently to prevent forceful damage to your storage bed frame. After you are satisfied with cleaning the storage compartment, it should be completely dry before putting your belongings back and closing it.

Besides cleanliness, how you store items in your storage bed also matters. Organising belongings allows you to keep your storage space in shape and makes cleaning more manageable as you won’t have to throw everything into a messy pile. Clutter can cause dust to gather more and impact your sleep, so let yourself sleep more soundly at night by having a spotless bedroom.

3. Use the right mattress for your frame

A mattress too big for your storage bed frame can potentially damage it as time passes, as your body weight may not be able to be adequately distributed as you sleep. You might also damage your mattress and cause it to sag if it is not well-supported, causing you to sleep uncomfortably.

A too bulky or heavy mattress for your frame can also risk a collapse. A good tip would be to ensure that it does not go over your frame’s weight limit to avoid potential damage. Remember to consider the weight of your body and your pillows too.

Four Star has a variety of comfortable mattresses to choose from, like a luxury pocket spring mattress, a latex mattress and a cooling mattress, to name a few. Each kind has different weights and caters to different sleep needs, but as long as they fit snugly onto your storage bed frame, you have made a great choice.

Use the right mattress for your frame


A storage bed can be a great addition to your bedroom and make decluttering feel like a breeze, and though they may be bulkier than traditional bed frames, you don’t have to have a hard time maintaining them and keeping them clean. With our easy-to-follow tips, you’ll make the best out of your storage bed and keep it in excellent condition for ages.

Provide yourself with a cosy way to sleep while keeping your space spick and span. Four Star has various storage bed options, so explore them today and find the best style that you’d love best for your room. Visit our website to find out more.


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