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3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To A Poor Sleeping Posture

3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To A Poor Sleeping Posture

Do you have days where you wake up feeling like you had an okay sleep last night, but when you get up, you feel a sharp pain in your back? Perhaps it’s time to take more proper care of your sleeping posture when you go to bed.

Knowing what you should avoid doing will help you avoid back pains and correct your sleeping position, so here are a few common mistakes you can make that can give you a poor sleeping posture.

1. You sleep on your belly

Though sleeping this way can feel comfortable and cosy to some, it may not be a very healthy position to sleep in. It may also not be as ideal for those who experience sleep apnea. Your spine is not supported well enough and puts further pressure on your neck, possibly causing you to wake up with inconvenient neck pain and sore back.

If you like to sleep on your belly, you can consider swapping this for sleeping on your side instead. With your knees are slightly bent, try putting a pillow between them to relieve pressure on the spine and improve alignment.

If sleeping on your belly has become a habit, slowly incorporate side sleeping every few days until you get used to it. You may even start to notice an improvement in your back, experiencing lesser aches.

2. Your head is not elevated enough

Feel the firmness of your pillow; does it feel droopy and old? If yes, you should replace your worn-out pillow with a newer one. Old pillows tend to sag easily, causing your head to sink when you rest on them.

If you sleep on your back, your head should be aligned with your spine, not too low or too sharply angled upwards. Use a memory foam pillow or a slightly softer pillow to contour your head shape snugly, supporting your neck appropriately.

For sleepers who tend to fall asleep without even placing a pillow under their head, you should avoid continuing this habit as it can worsen existing back problems into a more dire condition. Bring more good to your body instead of harm.

3. Your mattress is worn and sinking

Nothing feels more uncomfortable than lying on a saggy or overly soft mattress. If you’ve been procrastinating in replacing your current mattress with a more supportive and firm foundation, now is the perfect time to.

If you suffer from constant muscle aches, why not try to use a mattress for lower back pain? It’s a worthwhile investment that can relieve pain and help you sleep more soundly every time.

A good bed would be like our Chiro+ mattress, which features an innovative spring system that durably supports your body throughout the night and provides sufficient airflow. A mattress that moulds your body shape allows you to rest comfortably, making you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Your older mattress has already served you well all these years, so pamper and care for yourself by getting a fresh bed.

Your mattress is worn and sinking


Everyone has their preferred sleeping positions and habits, some of which they might not even be aware of, including you. No matter if you like sleeping in awkward positions or piling up pillows and more, what’s important is that you wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Your sleep posture can have impacts that can not only affect your health but eventually bleed into your lifestyle. Back and neck pain can interfere with your daily life, whether at work, school or in hobbies.

Four Star is here to help and support you with our tailored line of back care mattresses. Used and trusted by many, our Chiro+ line offers your back orthopaedic support at an affordable price. Taking care of your sleep needs does not have to be a hassle, so find out more about our wonderful products and visit our website today.


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