Time-Tested Technological Traditions

Committed to upholding our heritage and strict quality standards, our time-tested range of mattresses feature different technologies to provide essential comfort and support for a range of needs.

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LFK Open Offset Springs
  • Functionally designed to offer ultra-responsive, edge-to-edge mattress support.
  • High carbon steel wires enable the mattress to flex independently for maximum sensitivity to body contours. This provides proper spinal alignment and optimal lumbar support.
  • Highly durable coils retain their shape and support through repeated use.

LFK Open
Offset Springs

Double Offset LFK Springs
  • The most advanced offset spring coil available. The 2.2mm in diameter springs are made from hard-drawn, high carbon, and high tensile steel wire, which offers greater elasticity for different body types.
  • The inner spring is designed to provide optimum support, improved stability, and a more comfortable sleep.
  • Caters to sleepers with back-related problems.

Double Offset
LFK Springs

Barrel-Shaped Pocketed Springs
  • Individually wrapped compressed coils work independently to minimise partner disturbance and roll-together.
  • The individual springs mould to the contours of the body, providing optimum support needed by different parts of the body. This prevents sleepers from developing discomfort due to pressure and posture stress.

Pocketed Springs

Mini-Pocketed Springs (Luxury Spring-on-Spring)
  • Premium mini-pocketed springs increase comfort and enhance air circulation through low-profile performance.
  • Design offers three-dimensional support to the body’s contours to relieve pressure, providing increased comfort and lumbar support.
  • Springs are made from high-tensile, stress-relieved wires for lasting resilience.


Foam Encasement
  • High-density foam wraps around the innerspring unit to reinforce edge-to-edge mattress support, which increases the sleep surface by up to 20%.
  • This encasement also provides a firm seating edge and reduces the likelihood of sagging borders.

Foam Encasement

Firm-Tex Natural Fibre
  • A natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable option. Sleepers experience enhanced comfort with natural fibres, which are processed with latex for increased durability.
  • Fibres provide a natural firmness to support effective blood circulation and even body weight distribution.
  • Fibres also allow sleepers to stay cooler by regulating body temperature through the promotion of better airflow.

Natural Fibre

Hybrid Latex Sheet
  • Eco-friendly, natural materials are safely processed to create an odourless, air-filled structure that conforms to the body’s natural contours to provide proper spinal support.
  • An excellent choice for those seeking a durable and supportive sleep surface.

Hybrid Latex