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Four Star is proud to be the first mattress company to introduce Anti-static and Pocketed Spring Mattresses in Singapore. The multiple international awards we received over the years are a testament to our innovative spirit and quality assurance. Four Star has become a trusted household brand that has continued to innovate and grow. We are constantly striving to provide technologically advanced mattresses that aim to improve sleep quality for many generations to come.


Four Star is committed to providing comfort to everyone and this is evident in the partnership we have with the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC). The WFC helps to develop effective products in the world for people with chiro pain problems and they have allowed us to gain valuable insights on back problems affecting sleep quality.

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Types of Suite

With our Barrel-Shaped Individual Pocketed Spring System, Four Star’s Grand Premier Suite provides great back support and reduces motion transfer. Its pillow-top has added plushness and maximum comfort for restful sleep. The perimeter foam encasement offers stability with entire edge to edge support. Natural latex alleviates pressure for better spine alignment and less fatigue while allergen-free.

Equipped with edge and corner guards, the Premier Suite has better edge support that prevents sagging. The luxurious knitted ticking is high-quality with fire-retardant treatment so that you can trust in this essential layer of protection. With our Barrel-Shaped Individual Pocketed Spring System, the mattress also has a plush pillow top that snugly contours your body for maximum comfort.

The mattress features a tight top which you can trust to provide enhanced durability and support. It moulds and contours the shape, providing more comfort. This suite comes with edge guards and corner guards for best edge support and less sagging. Four Star’s Barrel-Shaped Individual Pocketed Spring System allows better ventilation and keeps your body cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The mattress is made with Four Star’s Bonnell Spring System and a contouring tight top so that you can sleep comfortably. Eight inches in height, the mattress’s edges are well-supported with edge guards and corner guards preventing sagging. The bottom panel is made with high-density PU foam and non-skid material to avoid movement, even when tossing and turning while asleep.