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New market write-up

Four Star Mattress is a Singapore owned mattress manufacturer established in 1968. With 50 years of experience in the mattress and bedding industry, Four Star has withstood the test of time and staying true to its mission of being a leader in the mattress industry. Four Star Mattress is proud to celebrate their 50th birthday this year!

In 2001, Four Star revolutionalized the Singapore mattress market by releasing DETENSE®, the first anti-static mattress in Singapore1. This bold step taken by Four Star was later recognized and recorded in the Singapore Book of Records as the “first anti-static mattress in Singapore”.

To mark Four Star’s 50th birthday, they have stayed true to their mission of staying relevant and at the forefront of mattress technology, Four Star launched their exclusive DETENSE | ArcticSilk™ range of mattresses, a vast improvement to the proven DETENSE series. The new range amalgamates DETENSE® with the ArcticSilk™ technology. Being in a tropical country like Singapore, temperatures can soar up to 35°c and reliance on air-conditioning has increased. DETENSE | ArcticSilk™ not only relieves static stress in your body providing you with better rest, but it also provides a cooler and silky feel to the touch. The mattress is fast cooling with better heat dispersion therefore there will be less reliance on air-conditioning.

All this is made possible with the help of revolutionary, high quality constructed silk eco-fibers woven into anti-microbial textile. Underneath the ticking, the internal upholstery also plays a part, gel-infused memory foam provides the much-needed support of regular memory foam without the problems. Premium latex is added for additional comfort and and pressure relief whilst the 3-zone individual pocketed springs ensure that the mattress properly conforms and supports the body’s natural contour and alignment. DETENSE | ArcticSilk™ is treated for Anti-Dustmite, Anti-fungus, anti-microbial organisms and anti-allergy thus given you a peace of mind and confidence when you sleep.