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Ling Huat Sing, Four Star Industries

Emerging trends reshaping the mattress world Four Star Mattress will be celebrating their 54th anniversary this year and investing in a proper mattress and bed is something we often overlook. So if you are looking to buy a mattress, what are the trends you should be looking out for? Ling Huat Sing, Chief Executive Officer, Four Star Industries tells us more about the company's milestone.

Xavier & Juliana

Thank you, Juliana and Xavier @xj_realtor, for making Four Star part of your new home owner journey and choosing our DETENSE ArcticSilk®️ mattress!
Our all-new Advanze Aire Flex™️ technology boasts multi-dimensional support and air flow, and our renowned anti-static and cooling DETENSE ArcticSilk®️ fabric will leave you well rested daily.