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Mattress Care

When it comes to building the perfect sleep oasis,
a quality bed that suits your every need is key. Learn how to best take care of your mattress.

Avoid storing your mattress upright or on its side for extended periods of time.
Avoid eating and drinking on your mattress and use a high absorbance mattress protector to prevent seepage of the fluids onto the mattress.
Ensure that your bed or foundation is the correct size and is in good condition to ensure even weight distribution and support.
Avoid jumping on the mattress, use as a stepping support and exessive sitting on the edges of the mattress to avoid the damage to the edges.
Rotate the mattress every 3 to 6 months to prevent body impressions.
During every bedsheet change, allow the mattress to air for about 15 minutes.
Do not use chemicals or harsh cleaning detergents on the mattress as it can damage the fabric.
If your mattress come with handles, do not use the handles to support the entire weight of the mattress.
Make sure to measure your bed frame size and height if purchasing just the mattress.

How to Rotate Your No-turn Mattress

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