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4 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Quality And Fight WFH Fatigue

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Due to how busy we are with our modern lives, finding time for quality sleep can be difficult. However, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for us when it comes to creating a positive mood and maintaining good health during this difficult period. Without sufficient sleep and rest, it can cause fatigue and lethargy when you wake up the very next day.

Here are 4 tips you can apply to fight fatigue while staying safe and working at home.

1. Enjoy your coffee or tea before noon

For coffee or tea lovers, finding the right time to enjoy your favourite drink is important. Consuming coffee or tea in the afternoon could cause caffeine to linger in our body at night, causing us to stay awake. Though there have been many people claiming that drinking tea or coffee late in the day have not affected them greatly, if at all, they may not realise that it could be the culprit that is contributing to their sleepless nights. One way you can easily manage your caffeine intake is to consume it only in the morning.

2. Exercise

Getting active physically can be one of the best ways to improve your sleep, but finding the right rhythm of exercise is important. Ideally, you should refrain from pushing yourself too hard when exercising, and avoid working out too close to bedtime. Exercising in the morning can ensure that you are getting your daily routine workout in, and exposing yourself to natural light. With the morning light, your body will find a natural rhythm that can set the tone for the rest of your day. Exercising in the morning can boost your energy levels during the day, and make you fall asleep easier at night.

3. Invest in a quality mattress

One of the most significant reasons people may not have a good night’s sleep is due to an uncomfortable mattress or bed. Finding the right mattress or bed is the best way to transform your ability to receive good and deep sleep every night. If you are unsure what mattress suits you best, then you should look towards finding the ideal mattress for your needs.

If you are facing back problems or constant aches, a mattress for back pain not only solves pain alleviation but can provide you with untroubled quality sleep. For older adults, Four Star’s Chiro Supreme mattress offers a double offset LFK spring that caters to all body types, aiding sleepers with back-related problems through optimum support and improved stability. Now, you can say goodbye to restless mornings in exchange for better posture and uninterrupted deep sleep throughout the night!

Is your sleep environment too warm or stuffy? A memory foam mattress with premium cooling capabilities can turn those warm and stuffy nights into a fresh and sticky-free morning! Four Star’s ArcticSilk series mattresses provide a double layer memory foam so that comfort is maximised, providing you with support towards better posture so you won’t be tossing and turning in frustration. With gel-infused memory foam, you can enjoy cooler nights while sleeping without overworking your fan or air conditioner.

When paired together with a storage bed to declutter your bedroom, the right mattress can ensure that you receive quality sleep and fight off the morning fatigue while you work from home.

4. Clear your head before sleeping

Stress, worry or anger can make it difficult for many people to fall asleep at night fully. Managing your overall stress levels is important, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. A few ways you can clear your head is to prepare your mind for sleep, utilising techniques of relaxation like taking a warm bath, listening to an audiobook or soft music, and dimming the lights.


During this work from home period, we may face constant fatigue having to work longer hours as we stay home. However, we should always take care of ourselves, creating a positive mood and well-being for the next day. With Four Star’s range of mattress, you can look forward to achieving quality sleep for better mood, maintain immune systems and boost your energy levels to meet the demands of modern life.


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